Introducing Modal Elementor Widget, Coworking Website Template Kit & Christmas Pack


Last time we introduced 2 widgets and 20 ready-to-use blocks in Mighty Addons. And now, again our team is here with the Christmas gift for our users.

Today, we are happy to announce updates for Mighty Addons and Mighty Addons Pro. In this update, we have fixed some of the known issues, made some performance improvements, and added new features.

So, let’s take a moment to look at each of these updates:

So, what’s new in Mighty Addons?

  • Modal Elementor Widget (Pro only)
  • 6 Christmas Theme-based Sections (Pro only)
  • Co-Working Space Website Template Kit (Pro only)

Modal Elementor Widget

Popups have long been recognized as a great way to grab the attention of online users and entice them to buy a product or subscribe to a service. No matter what the event is, popups have always been a part of advertising, whether it’s Black Friday or Christmas.

Modal Elementor Widget
Modal Elementor Widget

Using the Modal Elementor widget, you can create multi-functional, stunning, automatic pop-ups that can be displayed with a click of a button, text, image, or icon. 

Additionally, this widget has a lot to offer:

  • The modal widget lets you design multiple intuitive popups with content, image, saved section, embed code, saved template, iFrame, Youtube video and Vimeo video.
  • You can customize your close button by selecting an image, changing the button’s size & position, or setting it to close by pressing the ESC key/overlaying click.
  • By selecting from a variety of visually appealing animations, you can decide how you want your modal popup to appear and exit from the screen and capture visitors’ attention.
  • With an infinite number of advanced styling options, such as the background color, tag, typography, color, or adjustable padding, you can get the look you want.
  • Using the Modal Popup widget, you can create popups that appear automatically, or based on a button click, text, image, icon, custom class, or custom ID. 

The Modal Widget is included with the pro edition of Mighty Addons.

To know more about the Modal widget, head over to its detail page.

6 Christmas Theme-Based Sections

Christmas is here! And what better time to introduce beautiful, fully responsive, and customizable Christmas theme sections?

Modal Elementor Widget

With this update, we are introducing 6 new Christmas Themes based sections with custom layouts. Let’s have a look at each of these sections:

  • Discount Section to let customers know about the coupon code and copy that.
  • Engaging Hero Section to drive more traffic with a call-to-action button.
  • Special Offers Section to display your current deals and make customers buy more.
  • Add a discount offer to the Add to Cart Section to display the special discounts.
  • Alert your customers about the upcoming events through the Save-the-Date Section.
  • Send your loved ones a Christmas card using the eCards Section.

You can add each of these sections as per your website’s theme.

Co-Working Space Website Template Kit

This is the last and equally important update of Mighty Addons – Introducing a multi-page Co-Working Space Website Template kit that lets you create a targeted website within just a few minutes.

This kit is perfect for people who run coworking spaces or web development agencies and are looking for a fully-equipped and modern layout.

Modal Elementor Widget
Coworking Space Website Template Kit

All the tools you need to build your website are included in this Elementor kit. This kit has 6 pre-built pages along with multiple section options.

With no coding skills required, this kit is ready to use for everyone!

Let’s have a look at the pre-designed pages:

  • Home: The home page starts with the hero section and continues with the about us, video clip, gallery, testimonials, brand partners section and more.
  • About: Add an about page to let customers know who you are and why should they trust you.
  • What we Offer: Mention what kind of services you provide to your customers through the what we offer page. 
  • Offer Detail: Specify your offers in more detail through the offer detail page which includes sections like features, call-to-action button, embedded video, FAQs and amenities.
  • Referrals: Let other people join your co-working space by adding a referral code system through the referrals page.
  • Contact: Make it as simple as possible for customers to contact you quickly without getting into any further details through this contact page.

This is how you can now build your website most conveniently by incorporating the features that are certain to increase your clientele using the pre-designed pages in your co-working space website template kit.

Wrapping Up

So, that is all about our latest updates of Mighty Addons. Did you like the updates? 

So, what are you waiting for? Go and try these delightful sections, the template kit, and the widget today! 

To access these updates, you need to upgrade to the pro version of Mighty Addons, which we highly recommend. Because as a pro member, you get access to all the existing extensions, widgets, and pre-designed templates along with the upcoming updates.

And if you are running multiple sites, then, we highly recommend you to go with the Elite plan of Mighty Addons.

Naveen Kumar Naveen

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