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Mighty WooCommerce Pre-Order

Last Updated: 09 Nov 2021

Do you want your customers to buy products before they are made available in your WooCommerce store and increase your sales? With no doubt, yes!

Mighty WooCommerce Pre-Order

Pre-order Booking

Customers can pre-order the product before its released date.

Reminder Emails Notifications

Activate or deactivate pre-order reminder emails to automatically notify customers of upcoming products.

Expected Delivery Date

Setting an expected delivery date helps in increasing the reliability of your business among customers.

Set Pre-order Original and Sale Price

By setting original and sale prices for pre-order products, customers can differentiate the prices, when it suits them the best, and add more products to their carts.

Display Countdown Timer

Displaying a countdown timer next to the product reminds shoppers that they have a limited period of deal, resulting in higher sales.

Advance Payment System

The plugin allows customers to make pre-order payment in two ways - partial and fully.

Country Specific Timezone

In order for communication between buyer and seller to be smooth, you can set country-specific timezones in the plugin.

Plugin Overview

Plugin Overview

Oftenly, whenever a new product is launched in the market, it triggers a sense of excitement in the customers, thereby making them more likely to add that product in their cart. But due to the popularity and high demand of the product, customers sometimes fail to purchase it.

This is the reason why many large corporations use pre-order marketing, a strategy that is beneficial to both buyers and sellers.

It allows customers to conveniently place orders before the products are released or when the products are temporarily unavailable, resulting in increased sales and higher revenue. Apple is one of its most heard examples!

But how can you implement this win-win strategy?

Thanks to the Mighty WooCommerce Pre-Order, a powerful plugin that lets you easily integrate the pre-order feature in your WooCommerce store.

The plugin comes with numerous potential features like creating pre-order ready products and their customization, pre-order reminder email notifications, partial payment system, countdown display, managing products list at a single place, country specific timezone and much more.

Overall, with the Mighty Woocommerce Pre-Order plugin you can stop customers from going to the other sites and order them from yours only, leading to higher conversion rates.

Allow Pre-purchases on your Website

Allow Pre-purchases on your Website

Pre-order product strategy has a high success rate if executed thoughtfully.

The Mighty WooCommerce Pre-order plugin allows you to add a pre-order product in the WooCommerce store and you can then customize it accordingly. You can set the pre-order availability date, price, number of in-stock products and status.

Having everything set up, it's time for your customers to pre-order an item from your website without being awaited and without being directed to other platforms, which results in higher sales.

Use Customized Text to Encourage Customers to Buy

Use Customized Text to Encourage Customers to Buy

By using the Mighty Pre-Order plugin, you can create eye-catching styles that engage customers and encourage them to buy more from you. Customization includes the following fields:

  • Edit default Add to Cart text.
  • Countdown title text, text color and background color.
  • Pre-order pay price text and color.
  • Call-to-action button text and background color.
  • Default availability text, color and background color.
Integrated Payment System for Pre-orders

Integrated Payment System for Pre-orders

The major benefit of using this plugin is the integrated payment system for pre-orders. Yes, the customers can now pre-book and prepay for the products they want to buy, and ensure guaranteed delivery of the product, once it is made available.

  • The payment can be done in two ways - Full payment and Partial payment.
  • When partial payment is selected, you can specify the Original price and Pre-order price of the product.
  • Lastly, you can specify the maximum number of products over which pre-orders can't be placed.

This way you let customers easily book their products in advance and energise your sales.

Automatic Reminder Emails for Customers

Automatic Reminder Emails for Customers

Once your pre-order products are ready for sale, it’s time to inform your customers to know about their status. But how would you do it?

You can use the Automatic Reminder Emails feature of the plugin that lets you send automatic pre-order reminder and pre-order in-stock reminder emails to all of your customers.

Don’t Miss any Sale, Pre-order Out-of-stock Items

Don’t Miss any Sale, Pre-order Out-of-stock Items

The plugin is not just limited to the upcoming products. With the Mighty Pre-Order plugin, you can let your customers order products that are temporarily unavailable in your WooCommerce store, once they are restocked, and increase sales.

Manage All Pre-order Products at One Place

Manage All Pre-order Products at One Place

The Mighty WooCommerce Pre-Order plugin lets you manage all the pre-order products from a single dedicated page and saves a lot of your time. You can clearly see the status of each product and can quickly edit the details under the product name section, if needed.

Additionally, you can apply bulk actions like edit or move to trash on the products list based on your preference.

Checkout with Regular Products and Save Time

Checkout with Regular Products and Save Time

Customer’s shopping experience is very important. Checking out the products multiple times can take a lot of time and effort from your customers.

That’s why the Mighty Pre-Order plugin came with the feature of placing the pre-order products along with the list of other regular products and letting your customers check them out together. Thus, buying some more time for your customers and giving them a seamless shopping experience.

Customer First

Customers are our first priority. We listen to our customers' feedback & requirements and work accordingly.

Quick Support

Sometimes, you may face any issue with the plugin. Our dev team directly assists you to fix issues.

Quality over Quantity

We focus on quality over quantity so you get great WordPress products and increase your experience.

Affordable & Flexible Pricing

Choose the pricing plan which suits your needs and get started today.

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Yes, the plugin allows your customers to do that. This totally depends on the stock availability

To install the plugin, download the file from Mighty WooCommerce Pre-Order plugin page, upload it to the add new plugin section and install the plugin. To know the complete installation and usage of the Pre-Order plugin, check the official documentation.

The plugin gives your customers two payment options - fully payment and partial payment. Customers can choose one of these as per their convenience.

Yes, the plugin provides you this feature. Moreover, if you want to automatically remove the pre-order status, you can even enable this option.

We do provide support through our official support forum. You can always post us on our support forum and the technical team will help you to solve your issues.


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