Introducing Mighty Addons 1.2.0 – Opening Hours Schema, Admin Dashboard & Elements Improvements


A few days back, we have released the Mighty Addons Elementor widget plugin. That was a very basic version of the plugin and we just released it to get feedback from the community.

We are very thankful to all those who provided their feedback and suggests improvements in the Mighty Addons.

Today, we are very happy to release Mighty Addons 1.2.0 which comes with new features and improvements.

So let’s check out what it brings to you.

  1. Opening Hours Schema with Opening Hour Element
  2. Admin Dashboard
  3. Elements Improvements

Opening Hours Schema

Want to display your business opening hours on your website? You can do it easily with the help of the Opening Hours Elementor widget.

To add opening hours on your webpage, simply select Opening Hours widget from Mighty Addons and add the days, opening and closing time.

Mighty Addons

You can even style a single day & time row to make it different from the whole table.

 Now, it comes to adding Openinghours schema to this table. You can do this with just a single click.

Enabling OpeningHours Schema

OpeningHours schema support LocalBusiness (A particular physical business or branch of an organization.) or CivicStructure (A public structure, such as a town hall or concert hall).

So, before you enable the schema for your opening hours, you make sure you are using it for the correct business.

Once you are done with creating the Opening hour table. Find out Enable OpeningHours Schema and turn it On.

Further, it will ask you to select the type. You can choose either Civic Structure or Local Business.

Mighty Addons

Note: The Site logo will be required for the LocalBusiness type. If you are not using the Logo, it will return the image error.

This is how you can enable OpeningHours Schema to your website.

Mighty Addons

Brand New Admin Dashboard

Mighty Addons 1.2.0 comes with a brand new admin dashboard where you can simply enable or disable any Mighty Addons Widget.

Let’s assume, you need only 5 or 7 widgets from Mighty Addons then why you should keep all the widgets in your Elementor Admin panel. So you can simply enable those widgets which you need for your website and rest can be disabled.

Mighty Addons

Element Improvements

Building more widgets is not a big deal but improving the existing is. So instead of developing new Elementor widgets, we focused on existing widgets and improved them for better usability.

What’s next

So what are you waiting for?

Download Mighty Addons right now and power up Elementor with additional powerful widgets. Anyways, the next update will allow you to access 1 million + stock images within your media manager. And this feature will be available within the free version.

Naveen Kumar Naveen

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