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Let’s design Powerful WordPress Website together with Elementor page builder and achieve the imaginable designs in minutes. No coding required.

Mighty Addons For Elementor

Why Mighty Addons is the
Best Elementor Widgets Plugin


Light Weight

To eliminate loading issues, Mighty addons has been coded precisely which makes it a lightweight widget plugins for Elementor.


Use with Any Theme

Mighty Addons plugin can work with any WordPress theme which supports Elementor. You don’t need to change the theme to use our Elementor Widgets.


Dedicated Support

We are proud of our technical support team. They are always there to help you to solve your issue or queries about our Mighty Addons Elementor widgets.

Design any Website you can imagine
With Mighty Addon & Elementor

Each and Every Elementor Widget is curated and developed with thousands of test cases and examples. Currently, we have 10+ Elementor widgets and these will ever keep growing in the future.

More Comming Soon...

Get your website done in minutes by using

Ready to use Elementor Templates & Blocks

Download Mighty Addons for Elementor right now and get access to ever-growing Elementor Templates and Blocks library and all of them come along with royalty-free photos. You can import the templates with a single click.

Cross-Domain Copy Paste

Copy any section, column, widget, or whole page from one website to another with just 3 simple steps. The feature is available in the free version of Mighty Addons and works with both Elementor & Elementor Pro.

Mighty Addons
Mighty Addons

Instinctive Widget Controls
To Customize Your Element​

Each and every Elementor widget comes with lots of customization controls. You can play with them and achieve nearly any credible design without writing a single line of code.

Give More Power To Elementor

Elementor Page builder comes with an intuitive, versatile and easy to use interface. So to give you a familiar experience with Mighty Addons for Elementor, we kept all the options under the same panel. Apart from this, additional features and elements give more power to page builder and allow you to create any complex layouts within minutes.

Mighty Addons
Mighty Addons

Build Everything Visually

As Elementor Page Builder gives your real-time editing experience, Mighty Addons also blends so well with Elementor so you can have the same editing experience all the time. You can build everything in front of your eyes without switching to any other page.

Enhance Your Page Designing Experience

We developed Mighty Addons for Elementor so you can design any complex section on your WordPress website without using any additional plugin. Add our ever-growing Elementor Widget and design your next WordPress page more beautiful than ever.

Mighty Addons
Mighty Addons

Dedicated Support

We are proud of our support team. So we can assure you that we will be always there to provide you with better support and updates. You can always post us on our support forum and our technical WordPress developer will help you with your issue.

Fully SEO Friendly

The Elementor Widget plugin is fully SEO friendly and offers lots of SEO features such as schema integrations and others. Right now, it has FAQ and OpeningHours Schema integration which can be used with a single click. You don’t need to write a single word, you just need to enable the schema and you will be done.

Mighty Addons
Mighty Addons

Pixabay Integration

Now access over 1 million+ stunning free stock images directly from your media manager. The Mighty Addons Elementor plugins come with Pixabay Integration. And you can use this feature for free.

Give it a try now. It’s free!

Integrate our dynamic Elementor Widgets with your page builder, build any layout you can imagine and achieve enhanced results.

Fully Responsive

Design anything with Mighty Addons, it will be highly responsive and mobile-friendly. You have all the responsive controls so you can control how a section or element should look on the mobile device.

Cross-Browser Compatible

Mighty Addons widgets are tested on all major web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer to assure full browser compatibility for all elements.

Translation ready

The Elementor elements plugin is a translation ready plugin which can be translated in any language. So don’t worry if you are not so good at English.


Mighty Addons for Elementor comes with the best designer-friendly options and UX approaches that make it the best for Elementor widgets plugin

Ease of Use

These Elementor Widget are easy to use and you don’t need to have coding skills to customize your website.

Regular Updates

We regularly release updates to all of our plugins and themes to ensure compatibility and provide new features.

Intuitive Integration

To give you a familiar environment with Mighty Addons, we have used the same Elementor control panel.To give you a familiar environment with Mighty Addons, we have used the same Elementor control panel.

Fastest Growing Elements

We will keep on adding new widgets and features to Mighty Addons every week to surprise you

Want to Ask Something about Mighty Addons?

Is Mighty Addons a standalone plugin?

No, Mighty Addons is not a standalone plugin. You need to install Elementor page builder in order to use Mighty Addon.

Does it work with any WordPress theme?
You need to install Elementor and Mighty Addons plugin on your website to get started.
How do I start using Mighty Addons?

You need to install Elementor and Mighty Addons plugin on your website to get started.

Will this Elementor Widget plugin slow down my website speed?
The Elementor Widget Plugin is lightweight so it will not slow down your website.
Is Mighty Addons 100% Ads Free?

Yes, Mighty Addons plugin will be 100% ads free. You will get notices about the pro version only if you will be using the free version.

How often do you update Elementor widgets?

We always listen to our user’s feedback and on the basis of that feedback, we keep enhancing the existing features and widgets. So you can expect at least one update in a month.

How will I get updates for Mighty Addons

You will get a notification within your WordPress dashboard as well as we will release a newsletter when there will be any update on Mighty Addons.

Do I have to buy Elementor Pro in order to use Mighty Addons plugin?

No, you don’t need to buy Elementor Pro in order to use Mighty Addons. These free Elementor Widgets will work with both free and pro versions.

Do I need to have coding skills to use Mighty Addons?
No, you don’t need to have coding skills. You just have to play with available options to customize any section or page on your website.
What Kind of Support do you offer?
You will get support on our support forum. We provide support to all our products through the support forum only.
Will you release any pro version of Mighty Addons for Elementor?

Yes, there will a Mighty Addons Pro with more advanced Elementor widgets and features.

Create Stunning and highly responsive yet functional websites with Elementor and Mighty Addons.

Use these Elementor addons with any of your themes and get your Elementor based website done in minutes.