Advance Shadow

Add Smoother and Sharper Multi-layered Box-Shadows to Elements with Advance Shadow

The Mighty addons for Elementor give you the power to add any number of Inner and drop shadows to your text or boxes so you can create interactive layouts.
Advance Shadow

Use Multi-Layered Advance Box-Shadows to Add Depth Inside or Outside of Element

Want to add real world box-shadows on your Elementor web pages? But it is next to impossible to add real shadows with Elementor’s default box shadow features as it only allows you to add a single shadow layer.

The Mighty Addons for Elementor gives you the ability to add multiple layers of shadows so you can add real world box-shadows. You can add a normal and hover effect to an element that will make the box shadow’s color darker to light.

Create Neumorphism Effects

Neumorphism is all about using the light and shadows. With the help of Mighty Addons’s Advance Shadows feature, you can easily add multiple shadows to any element and achieve Neumorphism or skeuomorphism effects.
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Want to add NEON effects on your WordPress website with Elementor? It is now possible with the help of multi-layered shadow. Give it a try.

Advance Shadow

Add multi-layered box-shadows and create out of the box designs with Elementor

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