Introducing Multi-Color Gradient & FREE Kindergarten Template Kit for Mighty Addons Pro


Creating a Gradient background is just a cup of cake in Elementor. You can do it easily with available options.

But it offers you to select only two colors. You can’t create a multi-color gradient. So there is always a limit that stops you from achieving the amazing and real shades of gradients.

Advance gradient

So to get rid of this limit, today we are releasing a multi-color layer gradient feature in Mighty Addons for Elementor. This feature enables you to add multiple colors to your gradient and create beautiful sections.

Key Features of Advance Gradient

  • Add any number of colors to the gradient.
  • Add different color layers to hover and normal states
  • You can easily reorder the color layers
  • You can add, delete, duplicate, or move the colors.
  • You can apply the gradient to the parent or child using the selector.
  • You can apply the gradient color to the text or background directly.
  • It offers you Linear Or Radial gradient styles.
  • You can add hover transmissions to make a smooth hover effect.
  • The advance gradient works with all the Elementor Widgets.

How to use Advance Gradient

In order to use the Advance gradient feature, you need to have Mighty Addons Pro v1.1.1 installed on your WordPress website along with Elementor page builder. 

If you don’t have the Mighty Addons Pro and want to use this feature, grab your pro license today and start creating beautiful websites.

Now, I am assuming that you have installed the plugin and using it on your website. 

Key Points – The Advance Gradient feature is available on Row/Section, Column, and Widget level. 

Now, add a new section and under the Mighty Extension Tab, you will find the Advanced Gradient option. You can test and try the different color options from there and create alluring sections. 

To know more about it, have a look at its detailed documentation.

Introducing Wrapper Link

Wrapper Link
Wrapper Link

In Elementor, it was very nearly impossible to add links on the Sections, columns, or widgets level. 

So to get rid of this issue and to make it easy for Elementor users we have added the Wrapper Link feature in Mighty Addons. 

The feature is available for free and Pro for both of the users. The Wrapper Link enables you to add links to any section, column, or widget. To know more check out its demo page.

Free Kindergarten Elementor Template Kit for Mighty Addons Pro

Kindergarten Elementor Template
Kindergarten Elementor Template

Apart from the feature updates, we have added another Free Elementor template kit to Mighty Addons Library. 

Let’s say hello Kindergarten Elementor template. The template kit comes with all the pre-design required pages. So if you are running a playschool for kids and want to create a website or redesign the existing one, the Kindergarten Elementor template is one which you need. 

The template is available for free to Mighty Addons Pro users and if you are not pro users, you need to get the pro license first in order to import this template.

The key feature of Kindergarten Elementor Template

  • Fully responsive and browser compatible.
  • One-click import
  • Pre-designed additional required pages.
  • Clean and cool design
  • Proper CTA Sections
  • Testimonial and photo gallery showcase
  • Programs and teachers showcase

How to Use the Kindergarten Template Kit?

This is a premium template for Mighty Addons and is available for all the Mighty Addons Pro users. 

So if you are not a Mighty Addons Pro user, you need to purchase the Mighty Addons Pro to access this template. 

If you already have the pro license, create a new page, and then navigate to Mighty Addons Library. Select the kindergarten template and import the pages one by one. 

Start replacing the content and graphics. You will be done with creating a highly responsive website in minutes.

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