Introducing Section Slider for Elementor – Convert Inner Sections to Slides


Hello Elementor Fans, in our last release of Mighty Addons, we have introduced the Spacer which allows you to add margin and padding by just dragging the corner and promised you to bring another cool feature. 

And today, we are happy to announce another update for Mighty Addons for Elementor. In this update, we released two major features and fixed some known bugs.

What’s new in this update?

  1. Section Slider
  2. Reading Progress Bar

Section Slider – Create Slider with Drag and Drop the Elements

Section Slider for Elementor in Mighty Addons

Creating a beautiful and advanced kind of slider with Elementor was not easy due to the limited options. You have to use other slider plugins in order to create advanced sliders.

To get rid of this problem, we have introduced a Section Slider for Elementor in Mighty Addons. It allows you to create fully responsive and functional sliders with a page builder. This allows for more creative flexibility as you create your pages. 

To create a slider, create a section with inner sections and with Mighty Addons section slider extension, convert each inner section to beautiful slides with a single click.

You have all the options to control the navigation and dots, their positions, appearance, slide animations and much more.

Reading Progress Bar with Back To Top Button

Section slider
Reading Progress Bar

This is another cool feature we have added in the Mighty Addons for Elementor. The reading progress bars tell the user how much page you have read and how much left. This is a proven way to increase time spent on your site and encourage readers to finish reading the page.

Mighty Addons gives you the two view for Reading Progress Bar: 

  1. View 1: It gives you the simple reading progress bar which can be positioned either on the top of the page or on the bottom of the page.
  2. View 2: It is a unique view that comes with a back-to-top button. It is a floating bubble that acts as a reading progress bar as well as a back-to-top button.

It has all the options to control the visibility of the bar on different devices. You can also control that whether you want to display the reading progress bar on the pages or on the blog posts.

The most important thing is that this feature is available in the FREE version.

10 New Elementor Sections

Section slider
New Sections Added to Library

With these cool features, we have also added ten pre-designed ready-to-use slider templates to the library. All the sections are available for only pro users. So if you are not a pro user, upgrade to Mighty Addons Pro today.

Final Words 

So this is all about this release. Download the latest version of Mighty Addons and take your Elementor experience to a whole new level.

Stay Tuned!!

Section slider
Naveen Kumar Naveen

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