Top 10 Tools to Improve the Shopping Experience in Your eCommerce Store


Like a diver looking for the best pearl in the sea, the eCommerce industry is on the constant lookout for eCommerce tools that can provide the best eCommerce customer experience.

If you look at the eCommerce industry in recent years, you can clearly see the widespread use of tools and plugins to deliver the best eCommerce shopping experience.

Improving the eCommerce customer experience is a humongous task for every eCommerce store out there.

What are the must-have tools for eCommerce? What are the tools for eCommerce that can make a difference? How to create an impact for every customer who visits the store?

All these and many more questions are waiting to be answered by the perfect eCommerce tools. When you look at the top ten eCommerce websites in the world, you will understand the emphasis that is given to improving eCommerce customer experience.

A Customer determines the store’s success and fall. So, utmost importance should be given to the time they spend on your website. Select the best interface, products, navigation, to cut it short, never compromise on the quality of experience you are planning for your customers.

When you think about eCommerce tools, they can be broadly classified into five major categories. Each category has its own pros and cons but the common ground for all of them is “eCommerce customer experience or eCommerce shopping experience”.

“The customer is always right” not only suits a customer service executive but for the whole eCommerce industry.

This article is written with the sole purpose of bringing to you the best eCommerce tools that can intensify the performance of your eCommerce store in terms of the eCommerce shopping experience.

The first step of the process is to identify the flaws or changes that need to be addressed for elevating the customer experience in your store. The second step is to look for a tool that can rectify your flaw and finally select the right tool that has the capability to fix the hole in the sinking ship.

Without any further fuss, let’s jump into the ocean of tools to pick the perfect ones.

Mandatory eCommerce tools to have

Mandatory here denote not only the tools that help in performing the basic functions of an eCommerce website but also tools that play a crucial role in improving customer satisfaction and the shopping experience.

When you look closely, growth and sustainability in the eCommerce industry in next to impossible without the right set of tools. eCommerce marketing tools, eCommerce analytics tools, eCommerce monitoring tools, and much more.

The tools available for intensifying eCommerce customer experience falls under five categories;

  • Promotion or marketing
  • Customer service
  • Analytics
  • Product management
  • Miscellaneous
shopping experience.

These are the categories under which all of the eCommerce tools and plugins fall. Tools to improve the eCommerce shopping experience will come under customer service.

During the initial days of your eCommerce business, it is easy to handle all the things individually but once the business starts to grow or you are preparing for a scale-up, then you definitely need the assistance of exceptional tools.

For example, you take the case of the eCommerce price monitoring tool; during the initial days of your eCommerce business, you can easily alter or update or change the price of the limited number of products you have in your store. Can you do the same after scaling up?

No, it cannot be done. Therefore selecting the perfect tool based on your business requirement will help you to reach new heights in the digital spectrum.

Also, selecting an eCommerce tool is not a simple task, you need to know the ins and outs of it. If not, then you can bid goodbye to a very pleasant customer shopping experience.

First, you need to be clear about your store’s needs. Be precise and to the point in what you need your store to have for improving the customer shopping experience. It may be with the interface or communication or greeting, be clear. If it is decided then you can easily filter out the unwanted tools and from there through clear analysis, you can find the right one that meets your business requirement.

Here in this article, we have done the research part for you when it comes to the customer shopping experience. Now it is your turn to choose the right one.

1. Mighty Frequently Bought Together

Mighty Frequently Bought Together

With “Mighty Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce” you reduce search time from a customer perspective and increase sales at the same time. A must-have tool for eCommerce when it comes to delivering an exceptional customer experience.

As the name states, this tool is effective in providing a pleasant experience for the customer. For example, when a customer is buying a mobile phone, they will be in need of certain mobile phone accessories.

Do you want the customer to search for the accessories individually? Or make their eCommerce shopping experience a pleasant one?

Obviously, as an eCommerce store owner, you will select the latter part. The quintessential features of this tool allow you to deliver relevant products to the one that the customer is buying. This tool is designed to deliver a personalized experience for every eCommerce customer. Moreover, it will provide the eCommerce store with an opportunity to increase revenue. The customer will buy a couple of more things than originally planned.

You can position this additional product recommendation wherever you want. Also, if a customer selects a couple of products from this recommendation list, they can directly add the products to their cart.

With a ton of loaded features, this tool once installed is sure to increase eCommerce customer experience and sales. Deliver special recommendations based on the customer’s interest in any particular product.

Pricing: Free version is available.

Yearly plan: $29.00 and $69.00.

Lifetime plan: $89.00 and $149.00.

You can select the package based on your business requirements.

Shopping Experience

2. Optinly 

Shopping Experience

Deliver special offers, convey promotional messages, greet visitors on a special occasion, and much more without disturbing the customer experience. Deliver a smooth eCommerce shopping experience, all in one with the help of Optinly.  

How can a popup builder enhance the customer experience? Remember there are always two sides to a coin. 

When it comes to customer experience, popups are often frustrating, but they are the best tools to have if you know when and how to use them. 

For example; a customer has already added the required products to their cart and is ready to checkout. Now, a popup with a special discount code appears. What will the customer do? 

Yes, you are correct, the customer will use the discount code present in the popup and avail discount. 

A popup is one of the best methods available in this digital spectrum to deliver quick, imperative messages. There will be no need for a customer to search for any personalized discount code, if a particular customer is eligible for the discount, let them know it using popups. 

Make use of these popups and deliver engaging messages to every single customer. Popup plugins are one of the most overlooked eCommerce tools. 

Deliver the best eCommerce shopping experience with an ideal popup template and customer engaging message. One of the best eCommerce tools to bring in more visitors and elevate the standard of eCommerce customer experience.

Pricing: Free version is available.

Paid Version Plan: 

Starter: $09.00 per month

Growth: $25.00 per month

Each plan includes intense options to deliver a better eCommerce customer experience. 

3. LeadChat

Shopping Experience

LeadChat allows you to interact with costumes in real-time. Leverage the art of communicating with customers in real-time to deliver a memorable experience in your eCommerce store. 

Most of the customers need questions to be answered regarding the product on your eCommerce store. Yes, all the details are provided in the description and product documentation but still, a human touch is always welcomed. That is where “LeadChat” comes in. 

When it comes to delivering the best eCommerce shopping experience, a live chat is always helpful and in the near future, it will become inevitable. There are so many AI-based live chats available in the digital spectrum but this offers you imperative options that will make a huge difference. 

Quick response, instant escalation if the customer is not satisfied, clear, and precise dashboard. A complete package that is available for you to deliver the best eCommerce shopping experience from every perspective. 

Imperative features and regular updates can increase your customer level of comfort in your eCommerce store. 

A must-have tool to increase customer satisfaction and engagement in your eCommerce store. LeadChat steps up and fills in the gap between a digital store and a retail one. Take advantage of this now, to gain an edge over your competitors. 

Pricing: You can schedule an individual call with the business executive of “LeadChat” and based on your requirement you can get a customized quote. 

4. ShopEngine

Shopping Experience

Hunting for an all-in-one tool to build your WooCommerce store? ShopEngine is the one that can end your search by providing a holistic WooCommerce solution. It’s one of the quickest-reaching plugins among WordPress users since its launch. In the Monster Awards contest of 2021, the plugin was ranked 2nd position with public voting earning 21% vote.

This prestigious award shows how much public liking ShopEngine has notched up in a short space of time, thanks to its great deal of widgets, modules, templates, and spellbinding features. The plugin offers 13+ modules, 65+ widgets, and well-designed templates for different WooCommerce pages.

Regarding the WooCommerce pages, ShopEngine provides you with all the necessary WooCommerce pages including shop, singe, product, archive, cart, checkout, my account pages, and so on. 

In addition, you can customize these pages by leveraging a number of widgets like product price, product description, archive description, cart total, checkout form-billing, checkout form-payment, account dashboard, etc. 

Along with that, you will get modules like flash sales, badges, quick view, partial payment, preorder, backorder, variation swatches, sales notification, currency switcher, etc. 

With the flash sale module, you can offer discounts for your store’s products by setting a time limit. This will create a sense of urgency in the buyers’ minds pushing them to go for a purchase. You can use the badges module to display discounts through catchy badges on products and attract buyers.   

Let the buyers take a quick look at their selected products with all the necessary details like product image, title, description, price, and so on. They can also take the benefit of making payments in several parts with the partial payment module. With this module, you will get the opportunity to increase your conversion rate. 

So, gear up to make use of the ShopEngine, the ultimate choice to build your WooCommerce store. 

Price: Free to use. The premium version is also available with different packages.

  • Cost for 1 site- $59/year
  • Cost for 5 sites- $149/year
  • Cost for unlimited sites- $299/year

5. Retainful

Shopping Experience

No more abandoned carts and the communication between the customer and store is fixed. The best-abandoned cart plugin, Reatinful is a unique one with tons of quintessential features. The biggest concern for an eCommerce store is its revenue loss abandonment rate. 

Either the customer is not satisfied with the products in the store or they are simply looking for a better option for the same product. With Retainful you can improve customer satisfaction by buying every single product. 

With timely messages and email, a constant communication link is present with the customer. This will improve your credibility as an eCommerce store and will drastically increase your brand awareness. 

There are numerous features to make the customer feel comfortable; next order coupon, referrals, and much more. When a customer completes an abandoned purchase their next purchase will be given a special discount. Also, they will be able to earn referral points made through Reatinful.

All these features and ease of operation of the tool make it a customer-friendly one. Reduce the gap between customers and eCommerce stores. Advanced options and regular updates make this plugin an essential eCommerce tool to deliver the best eCommerce shopping experience. Increase revenue and deliver the best customer experience with Retainful. 

Pricing: Free version is available.

The paid version is priced at:

Starter:$19 per month

Growth: $49 per month

Professional: $199 per month.

Each pricing pack brings in a valuable addition to your eCommerce store. Select the plan that best suits you. 

6. Hubspot

Shopping Experience

If you are interested in delivering the best customer experience in your eCommerce store, then you definitely should know about Hubspot. If you take a look at the top ten eCommerce websites in the world or the top ten eCommerce websites in India, you will definitely see an influence of Hubspot in it. 

A tool that is famous for delivering every customer a unique and satisfying experience.  With Hubspot, a tailor-made experience can be delivered to every single customer who visits your website. 

Know about your customer preferences and deliver a tailor-made experience every time they visit your store. An ideal tool to increase brand awareness and it also includes options to monitor the behavior pattern of your audience base. 


Marketing hub – Free version available with limited features

Starter: $45.00 per month

Professional: $800.00 per month

Enterprise: $3200 per month

CRM Suite- Free version available with limited features

Starter: $45.00 per month

Professional: $1600.00 per month

Enterprise: $4000.00 per month 

Hubspot offers many free sub-products. If you find any suitable one, make it effective for your website. 

7. Omnisend

Shopping Experience

All the eCommerce tools are effective, Omnisend is on the top of the list of exceptional eCommerce tools. A single place where all your customer satisfying needs can be satisfied. There are numerous options available in the platform that helps you in identifying the options to accelerate your brand growth and customer retention. 

Among the must-have tools for eCommerce, Omnisend occupies a top position. It allows you to map the customer journeys and deliver personalized experiences for every customer. 

This will increase the eCommerce shopping experience and also will build brand credibility. Predominantly a sales increasing tool crafted with all the necessary options to meet customer demands during a shopping experience. 

An automation tool with enhanced targeting features for delivering the perfect eCommerce customer experience. Yes, you heard it right, an automation tool, but the abilities are beyond mere automation. 

The existing features of the tool make it a perfect fit for this competitive environment. It is sure to create a positive impact when used correctly. 

Pricing – Free version is available 

Paid Versions: 

Standard: $16.00 per month 

Pro: $99.00 per month 

Enterprise: Custom Pricing based on the requirements 

8. Kayako

Shopping Experience

The moment your business starts to scale up, your customer base will increase multifold. To meet customer queries and provide a proper response you need Kayako. 

Top-notch support software that enables you to deliver proper, personalized responses to customers. Get connected and interact with your customers on multiple channels. An ideal eCommerce solution to proactively reach out to your customers. 

Increase their engagement, track their response and meet their needs through effective solutions. A must-have tool for your eCommerce business.

It allows you to keep track of the previous interactions with the customer to deliver a better and more relevant response to them. When a customer is ready to purchase a product and has an important query that needs to be answered, you need a support desk and that is Kayako.

It is not just any support desk, but an essential one if you are planning for a better reach and scaling of your eCommerce store. Make it a mandatory part of your eCommerce strategy to enhance the eCommerce customer experience. 

Pricing – Free version is not available. 

Paid Versions:

Inbox: $15 per month 

Growth: $30 per month 

Sale: $60 per month

9. Yotpo

Shopping Experience

When a happy customer leaves a positive review, the impact is exponential. With Yotpo, you can leverage their experience reviews.

Increase brand awareness and revenue simultaneously offering your customers a wonderful shopping experience. 

Leverage the experience of happy customers to drive more sales. Yotpo can be easily integrated with your eCommerce store. It provides easily customizable options to install widgets. 

Every review is an extension of your customer experience in your eCommerce store. An end-to-end automated tool with an extensive customer reach.  Allow customers to register their experience and leverage that experience. Among the top must-have tools for eCommerce, this genuine review planning tool holds a high position. 

Pricing: Both free and paid versions are available. To get a personalized pricing quote, get in touch with the business executive. 

10. Kissmetrics

Shopping Experience

Data to deliver a pleasant shopping experience to your eCommerce store customers. Kissmetrics, a tool that provides an ideal solution to enhance the eCommerce store shopping experience with the help of data. 

Identify the hidden opportunities to elevate your customer experience with the help of data and metrics. It will be a great addition to your eCommerce store and help you in delivering the best possible experience. 

This is another tool that offers powerful data that can be used to identify opportunities and take your eCommerce business to the next level. With Kissmetrics, you can leverage data to determine where your best customers come from, who your best customers are, and how to convert more customers to your website. The tool allows you to view revenue metrics broken down by traffic source, Funnel Reports that give you insight into what’s keeping people from checking out, and visitor profiles.

Data is an invaluable part of delivering the best eCommerce shopping experience. With this tool, you can deliver an exceptional customer experience with data support. 

For example, if you have the behavioral pattern of a customer you can personalize their experience by displaying the products they like, sending out customized emails and messages. All this is possible with Kissmetrics, it is simple to integrate and the improvement can be seen in a short period of time. 

The tool is easy to integrate with your Shopify ecosystem and also you can optimize your checkout funnel. This will increase brand revenue and assist the store in increasing sales. With personalization through data, the number of repeat customers and new customers will increase. 

Pricing- Free version is not available. 

Paid Version:

Gold: $299.00 per month 

Silver: $499.00 per month 

Platinium: Custom Pricing based on requirements 

11. Oberlo

Shopping Experience

How can you offer a wonderful eCommerce customer experience without a perfect interface? Oberlo offers a smooth and user-friendly interface that makes it an ideal tool for eCommerce.

The entire process of delivering a smooth interface is made easy with Oberlo; adding, customizing, and tracking your products. All made simple and easy. Once you are able to pinpoint the missing pieces of a puzzle, then it is easy for you to fix them.

It offers advanced features such as tracking sales, finding alternate suppliers, etc., when you have the best eCommerce shopping experience, there is no chance for a customer to move to another store.

When a customer is satisfied with an interface and finds it easy to use, then you have got yourself a loyal customer. There are numerous plugins and tools in this category but Oberlo is on top of the chart.

Every aspect of customer experience is satisfied in this method and most importantly this will allow you to have an ideal experience as a store owner.


Oberlo is free to use for stores with up to 500 products and 50 orders per month. Their most advanced plan costs $79.90 per month.

Conclusion – role of eCommerce tools 

Every eCommerce tool out there is aimed at improving the business. It is your responsibility to select the right one that can meet your demands. Be clear and careful in deciding what you need and proceed based on that. Selecting a tool is not difficult but selecting the right one is. Make your moves in the direction of delivering the best eCommerce shopping experience for every single customer. Satisfy a customer and he/she will bring your hundreds more.

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