Mighty WooCommerce Pre-Order – How to Use it?

The Mighty WooCommerce Pre-Order is a WooCommerce Plugin that allows you to purchase an item that has not yet been released or is out of stock. When a pre-order feature is accessible in-store, customers will be able to buy products according to their needs. 

This is a premium plugin so you need to purchase it in order to use it on your website. You can purchase the plugin from the official website.

How to install the plugin?

To install the Mighty WooCommerce Pre Order plugin, navigate to, Plugins> Add New >Upload Plugin. Upload the ZIP file of the plugin which you can download from Mighty Themes.

Note:-  Since the file is in .zip format, the installation will be done automatically once you upload the file.

Mighty Pre Order Settings

Once the plugin is installed you can see the Mighty Pre Order option under the dashboard sidebar at the left-hand side of your screen.

To configure the settings at the plugin level, click on Mighty PO. 

The second you click on the menu, it will direct you to the configuration settings of the Mighty Pre Order plugin.

Basic Configuration Tab

Under the basic configuration section, we have MO settings. Select Timezone, Pre-order Reminder Email to All the customers, Pre-order In stock Reminder emails to All customers, etc.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

  • Select Timezone:- Select time zone according to your requirement which shows time management for pre-order products.
  • Pre-order Emails to All the Customers: Enable/Disable if enabled, customers will receive an email about pre-order products.
  • Pre-order In stock Reminder email:- Enabled/Disabled If enabled, it will be emailed to customers who have purchased pre-ordered products, that the products are now in stock.
  • Remove Pre Order Status when the release date passes:- Enable/Disable If enabled, it hides the pre-order status once the release date has passed.
  • Allow Pre-order products to be checkout with regular Products:- Enable/Disable if enabled, it allows to buy preorder products along with regular products.
  • Enable Countdown:- Enable /Disable if enabled, it shows the countdown status of the pre-order product.
  • Delete data on Uninstall:- Enable/Disable if you enable this option and uninstall the Mighty pre-order plugin, all data for the plugin will be deleted from the database.

Label and Styling

  • Default Add to Cart Text:- Enter the text that will be displayed instead of the Add to cart button on product pages for all Pre-order Products.
  • Default availability Before Date:-  Enter the text which you want to display on the pre-order product page.
  • Date background color:- Select the color you want to display on the background of the date.
  • Date Text color:- Select the text color according to your Preference.
  • Countdown Title Text:- Add title which will display on the pre-order product page.
  • Countdown background color:- Choose the color you want to appear on the countdown background.
  • Countdown Text color:- Set the text color according to your Preference.
  • Stock for pre-order text:- It will show the quantity of the pre-order product.
  • Pre-order pay price text:- It shows the price of the pre-order products.
  • Pre-order pay price text color:- Set the text color according to your Preference.

Product List

The Product list shows all the products which are available for pre-order. Here you will see the Product Name, original Price, Pre-order Price, Quantity, Available Date, Status.

Add Product

  • Product Name:- Select the Product Name from the list of the products which is out of stock.
  • Payment Method:- A payment method is a way that customers pay for a Product or Service. Choose the payment method according to your preference.
  • Original Price:- If the Payment method is Full Payment, It shows the product’s original price, which will be auto-filled as per the product price.
  • Partial Payment:- Enter the Pre-order price if the payment method is selected as Partial Payment.
  • Manage Quantity:- Add the quantity of the product according to your need.
  • Expected Availability Date:- Select the date which you want to show on the pre-order product. 
  • Status:- Enable/ Disable if enabled, it will show the status of the pre-order products.

If you still have any questions or issues, feel free to post us on our support forum. The technical team would be happy to help you.