5 Best WooCommerce Pre-Order & Pre-Sale Plugins


Are you glimpsing for a WooCommerce Pre-Order Plugin to help you set up a pre-ordering approach on your WooCommerce site? Then, no need to seek elsewhere. 

We have gathered some fantastic WooCommerce Pre-Order Plugins to guarantee you a certain amount of sales and profit during a specific time period. You can have a survey of your product demands in the target market. It gives you an estimate of the quantity you need to fulfill the demands. That’s why we have Pre-orders.

Why Use Pre-Orders?

Giving pre-order options to customers can be a good initiative to raise your early sales and also increase excitement before your product launches.

They can also markup for announcements if more items become available for pre-ordering. It helps you to uplift existing customers and draw new ones.

It lets buyers know there is a restricted quantity or finite amount of time until your pre-sale deal ends. Also, you can get sudden currency flow before dispatching the product or you even can get higher prevalent sales.

Of course, I am not going to write about these sumptuous deals without delivering you a fantastic solution to this. Yes, I am talking about Pre-order Plugins.

Benefits Of Pre-order Plugins

Pre-order plugins are a terrific way to get pre-orders on your e-commerce site. It also assists you in determining the market demand for your forthcoming product.

Operating Pre-order plugins, you can:

  • Create Pre-order products with a discount
  • Decide when the pre-sale will begin and end
  • Reverse out of stock items to pre-order items automatically
  • When the product becomes available, email the customers

With WooCommerce Pre-order plugins, adding a product in advance becomes super easy. This doesn’t necessitate the use of any bespoke code. Simply pick a release date and start selling even before the product is released.

Therefore, the Pre-ordering plugin is simply a procedure that provides set up phases of the WooCommerce pre-ordering process.

Here is the screened list of the best WooCommerce Pre-order plugins for you.

5 Best WooCommerce Pre-Order Plugins

Mighty WooCommerce Pre-Order Plugin

Mighty WooCommerce Pre-orders
Mighty WooCommerce Pre-orders

When a new product is introduced to the market, it frequently generates excitement among the customers, making them more inclined to add those goods to their cart. Customers, however, sometimes fail to acquire the product due to its high demand. That’s why reputed organizations use pre-ordering marketing strategies to beat the product demand.

Appreciations to the Mighty WooCommerce Pre-Order Plugin, you can incorporate the pre-order option into your WooCommerce store with ease.

The plugin includes a number of useful features, including the ability to create pre-order-ready products and customize them, as well as pre-order reminders email alarms, a partial payment system, a countdown display, and single place management of product lists, country-specific time zones, etc.

Key Features:

Reservations For Pre-orders

Customers can place a pre-order for the item before it is available.

Reminder Email Notices

To automatically notify customers of new products, turn on or off pre-order reminder emails.

Scheduled Delivery Date

Setting a projected delivery date improves your company’s credibility with customers.

Fix Actual and Sale Prices For Pre-Orders

Customers can differentiate between actual and sale prices for pre-order products and add more products to their cart when it best suits them.

Show Countdown Timer

Displaying a countdown timer next to the product reminds customers that the deal is only available for a limited time, which leads to increased sales.

Advance Payment Scheme

Customers can pay for their pre-orders in two ways: partially or completely

Timezone For Specific Countries

You can define country-specific timezones in the plugin to ensure smooth contact between consumer and vendor.


You may develop attention-getting styles that attract customers and inspire them to buy more from you by utilizing the Mighty Pre-Order Plugin. The following can be customized:

  • The text and shade of the “Call to Action” button
  • Make Changes to the default text “Add to Cart”
  • Default availability text, color, and background color
  • Countdown title text, color, and background color

Mighty WooCommerce Pre-Order Plugin allows pre-purchases on your web store. It can get you a high success rate if executed properly. It permits you to add a pre-order product in the WooCommerce store and you can then customize it as needed. You can set the pre-order availability date, price, the number of in-stock items, and status. Now is the time for your customer to pre-order an item from your website without having to wait and be directed to other platforms resulting in increased sales.

The integration payment mechanism for pre-orders is the main benefit of operating this plugin. Customers can now pre-order and pre-pay for the things they want to buy, ensuring guaranteed delivery, once the product is available.

Use coupon code WEL15 and get a 15% discount on your purchase.

Price: Starting from $29 per year.

YITH Pre-Order For WooCommerce

WooCommerce Pre-order
YITH WooCommerce Pre-order

YITH Pre-order for WooCommerce lets you watch your sales of new or momentarily unavailable items improve right away, delivering your shoppers the opportunity to buy the products they are after and receive them only after they are available officially for sale.

This plugin performs impressively with varying products and authorizes payments through credit cards. 

Thanks to the YITH plugin for its compatibility with the YITH WooCommerce stripe.

Key Features:

  • Pre-Order Fixed or %, Mark Up: Apply a specified percent or discount markup to your pre-order
  • Customization: The text in the pre-order expiration date and pre-order button can be customized by users
  • Specified Date And Time: Set the start and finish time for the pre-order to a certain date and time
  • Notify Store Owners: Notify store owners when a product’s pre-order time has ended and customers when the item is ready to buy


The annual membership of this plugin is $99.99 and includes one year of regular updates and support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

WooCommerce Pre-Orders

WooCommerce Pre-Orders
WooCommerce Pre-Orders

WooCommerce Pre-Orders is a straightforward plugin that allows you to set up pre-orders in your business. The option to charge for pre-orders instantly or later is a useful feature in this plugin. Because you can add a pre-order cost, you can charge a low pre-order fee and then charge the full amount once the product is available. Customers pre-authorize purchases at the checkout so they don’t have to return to the site and complete the transaction again.

Key Features:

  • Automate Order Update: Charge orders automatically when the product becomes available
  • Editable Release Date: Change a pre-order product release date
  • Pre-Orders Cancelling: If the product is no longer available then cancel the pre-orders
  • Filter Order Status: Operate a custom “Pre-Order” order grade to filter your pre-orders
  • Optional Charge: Charge a fee for pre-orders if desired


The annual subscription for this plugin is $129 including one year of regular updates, support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

WooCommerce Pre-Order Sales

WooCommerce Pre-Order Sales
WooCommerce Pre-Order Sales

WooCommerce Pre-Order sales is a powerful WooCommerce plugin for managing pre-sales orders You can select the sale date, create a new order pricing, apply a discount, and set the minimum and maximum numbers available for purchase when you enable pre-order for a product. Quantity limitations are a smart element that is missing from other plugins.

Key Features:

  • On/Off Pre-Order Product: Activate and deactivate the pre-order product option
  • Email Inquiry: Inquiries to the admin about the pre-order product via email
  • Price Setting: Set up custom price and price modifications for pre-order products
  • Modify Pre-Order Status: When the product becomes available, it automatically changes its pre-order status
  • Possible Customization: Customization possibilities for inquiry forms, buttons, and other elements


This plugin subscription will cost you $29 for a basic single site license and $175 for an extended single site license.

Preorders For WooCommerce

Preorders For WooCommerce
Preorders For WooCommerce

Preorders For WooCommerce is a free plugin from Bright Plugins that allows you to create pre-orders on your website. From the My Account section of the page, you can easily manage all your pre-orders using this plugin.

You will not face any problem using this plugin because it readily connects with WooCommerce. WooCommerce pre-orders can be easily customized from the settings page.

Key Features:

  • Instant Product Availability: As soon as the pre-order period ends, make products instantly available
  • Cart Status Checking: Customers are not allowed to add pre-orders to the cart if they already have items in the cart
  • Sale End: Create an expiration date for presale durations
  • Pre-Order Duration Lapsing: Report website executives when product pre-order duration is about to lapse by sending them an email a specific number of days before the deadline.


The plugin is available complimentary in the WordPress warehouse. It also has a premium edition with four distinct business plans(Starting at $79).

Which WooCommerce Pre-Order Plugin Should You Choose?

With the plugins we discussed above, you can increase your sales and make your selling experience worthwhile.

To help you choose the perfect plugin, we have included some of the best pre-order plugins for you to try Mighty WooCommerce Pre-Order Plugin.

All the plugins have upgraded versions with more qualities and advantages. Some of them also have trial versions.

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