Mighty Pros & Cons

Mighty Pros & Cons

in on March 16, 2019

Mighty Pros & Cons is a free Gutenberg block plugin brings to you a simple and elegant way to showcase what’s good and what’s bad in a product or item you are reviewing on your WordPress blog. This Gutenberg block allows you create responsive pros and cons table easily within your blog post or page. This free Guten block allows you to customize it easily by just switching the buttons and selecting the values. You don’t need to code anything but just need to add values.

Mighty Pros & Cons WordPress plugin comes with options to change the background, adding a border, button (Call to action), making links to Nofollow, open link in new tab, displaying title, changing the Title HTML tag etc.

Simply, install the plugin and start reviewing products.


Fully responsive

The plug-in is equipped with built in functionalities that are highly responsive and work seamlessly across mobile platforms too


User-friendly interface

The UI is simple and easy to understand. You can conveniently add the plug-in with one click and customize it to your heart's content without having to break your head about the code.


Unlimited list entries

The Pros & Cons table can contain an endless list of entries. So if you have way too many good things to highlight, you don't have to worry about any limit!


HTML tag for title

A HTML tag for title option is available. You can assign any HTML tag for the title from H1 to H6 as per your SEO requirements.


3 Pre-designed table templates

Mighty Pros & Cons comes with 3 pre-designed responsive table templates. You just need to choose the style and you are done.


Fully customizable

This plug-in gives you the choice to fully customize and make your list stunning. You can easily add and edit border design, background colour and add button.


Call to Action Button

Add/hide a fully customizable call to action button that can be linked to your product/content of discussion in one go.


Functional Options

You can enable 'Open Link in New Tab' to redirect your customers/viewers to have a better experience. Option to also enable 'NoFollow' tag to prevent search engines from linking back to your site.


Simplicity meets Functionality

The Mighty Pros & Cons plug-in is written in simple code that is lightweight and doesn't interfere with your site code. It is also compatible with all themes!t


Open Source 💗

We’re open source on GitHub. Want to contribute, having some kick-ass suggestions or help us to improve our themes/plugins or maybe give us a star 🙂. Head to MightyThemes on GitHub.
Change Log :
  • Added: Icons size control
  • Added: Verdict Text Controls
  • Fixed: Edtiable Pros & Cons Disabled
  • Fixed: Aligned Tick and Times Icons with Text
  • Fixed: Underlined button text
  • Fixed: Icons size issue
  • Updated: Removed FontAwesome CDN
  • Added: Notice for older WordPress Version without Gutenberg
  • Added: Option to choose title for content tag.
  • New line issue fixed
  • Few more minor bug fixes and performance improvements. 

Initial release.