Change Padding & Margin Like a Boss

Stop Wasting Your Time Clicking Around and Control Spacing with Just Drag & Drop

Introducing Spacer in Mighty Addons. It’s a new & fastest way to change the margin and padding (Spacing) in Elementor. Now design your web pages quickly and efficiently with the Spacer feature.
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It’s never been this easy to adjust the spacing

Time is crucial and it should be spent to sharpen your creativity instead of repeating task or clicking around.

Adjusting the space between sections, columns, and widgets is something that is very common and you need to take multiple steps in order to add margin or padding. You need to navigate to the advanced tab each time you need to set the margin/padding until it is fine tuned. In this process, you wind up wasting so much time.

And that’s where the Spacer feature comes to save your time by offering an interactive and intuitive way to add margin/padding. All you have to do is drag any of its edges and see how your changes will directly affect your output!

Now Speed up Your Website Design Process with Mighty Spacer

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