Modal Elementor Widget

Create Stunning and Intuitive Clickable Modal Popups using Modal Elementor Widget

Want to create dazzling popups that are easy-to-use? Using the Modal Elementor widget, you can create multi-functional, stunning, automatic pop ups that can be displayed with a click of a button, text, image, or icon.
show a quick message to the reader
display image on click
Slide in right
Saved Section
use self-created saved section as a popup
Super Scaled
Saved Page
reuse saved pages as popups
3D Sign
Embed Code
show popup video with embedded video code
Slip from top
YouTube Video
include YouTube video URL as a pop-up
Slide fall
Vimeo Video
include Vimeo video URL as a pop-up
3D Slit
display any webpage in a popup using its URL
Let me in

Modal Elementor Widget: What makes it Remarkable?

Modal Elementor Widget
Infinite Styling Options

Choose from an infinite number of advanced styling options, such as the background color, tag, typography, color, adjustable padding and much more!

Fully Flexible

A widget such as this allows you to create fully customizable pop ups that can be displayed on your website.

Modal Elementor Widget
Choose Display & Trigger Event

Using the Modal Popup widget, you can create popups that appear automatically, or based on a button click, text, image, icon, custom class, or custom ID.

Eye-catching Entrance Animations

By selecting from a variety of visually appealing animations, you can decide how you want your modal popup to appear and exit from the screen and capture visitors' attention.

Modal Elementor Widget
Multiple Choice Popups

The modal widget lets you design intuitive popups with content, image, saved section, embed code, saved template, iFrame and more.

Stylize your Icon

You can customize your close button by selecting an image, changing the button's size & position, or setting it to close by pressing the ESC key/overlaying click.

Isn't it time to get started?

Create Visual-Appealing Automatic Modal Popups using Modal Elementor Widget