Use the How To Schema Widget to Create Dazzling Step-by-Step Tutorials

Do you know how-to content is more readable to search engines? The How To Schema widget allows you to create exact content with inbuilt schema markup that can be further customized.

How To Schema Elementor Widget: What makes it Remarkable?

Boosting Search Engine Rankings with Schema Markup Integration

Have you noticed the step-by-step instructions that are featured in Google’s rich snippets? Want to rank your page in SERPs by including the exact snippets? You can achieve this with the Mighty Addons’ How To Schema widget.

The widget comes with a built-in option to integrate a How To Schema into your webpage. This lets Google know that your page offers information on how to do something and makes it easy for Google to index your how-to content.
When done right, this makes it more likely that a search engine will display your snippet-rich page in its search results, thereby boosting the overall ranking of your website in search engine results.

Create Guides More Quickly and Easily with Custom-made Ready Fields

With the Mighty Addons How To Schema widget, you can add How To guides more quickly and easily with ready-made fields – How To and Steps.
You can further customize these fields to shape your content as per your needs. Moreover, you can make your how-to content look better by adding step headings, descriptions, images and other features such as dynamic tags or light boxes.

Advanced Features for More Accurate Representations

When you’re trying to learn something new, you might first go to look for a more detailed resource like a complete step-by-step tutorial. Many people do the same thing.
What makes these tutorials more trustworthy is the inclusion of more accurate details such as what tools are required to build a software or the estimates of any project’s costs or the time it will take to complete any job or add a supply option.
The good news is all these options come in handy with the Mighty Addons’ How To Schema widget and that too is totally free.

Increase the Organic CTR of your Website

If someone is looking for instructions or advice, a How To page will appear in the search results as a rich snippet. If you take the necessary steps, you can own this How To page as well.
As a result, users will have better access to your content and readability, which increases their likelihood to click on your page, which in turn increases the organic clickthrough rate of your website and ultimately increases traffic.

Comes with Unlimited Styling Options

The Mighty Addons’ How To Schema widget comes with unlimited stunning ways to style each section of your How To content, whether you want a title, description, image, box or steps.
So, play around with all the possibilities until you discover the one that works best for you with tons of options: background or text color, typography, alignment, HTML tags, adjustable padding and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to know any coding skills to implement this widget?
100% not! Just drag and drop the How To schema on your page, then it will automatically add the schema to this page.
How can you create a How To page with the How To schema widget?
Follow these 3 easy steps to create a How To page using this widget -
  • Drag the widget from the sidebar and drop it to your page.
  • Enter the needed information such as the title, description, steps required, estimated cost etc.
  • And finally, publish.
Do I need to pay to use this widget?

The How To Schema widget is completely free. You can choose to avail the widget in the free version of Mighty Addons.

Can I add images in How To schema?
Yes, you can include images in both How To and steps sections. These images will then appear as Rich Snippets on the SERP.
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