CSS Filters for Elementor

Add CSS Filter Effects to Your Pages to Make them more attractive and Appealing

Take advantage of CSS Filter Effects and create something totally unique and mesmerizing to greet your visitors.
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Make Your Audience Awestruck

The Mighty Addon CSS Filters Extension offers so many dazzling filter effects such as brightness, contrast, saturation,hue, etc that can enhance the look of your content and make your audience awestruck.

Play With Transitions To Make Wow effects

Add a visual sense of extraordinary to the ordinary elements of your website by mixing the transitions with the CSS filters.

Drop shadow applied to a transparent PNG with the box-shadow property

Drop shadow applied to a transparent PNG with a CSS Filter

Add Different CSS Filters for Hover and Normal States

An awesome transition always excites the visitors and if used well, can even increase the conversions. Using the Mighty Addons, add different CSS filters for Hover and Normal states and take your website to the next level.

Make Visitors Curious With Blur Effect

Blurring an image or an element is a great way to increase curiosity among the visitors. The CSS Filter extension lets you add blur effects to the website elements and make your visitors keep guessing.


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Create stunning visual effects and increase visitor engagement with CSS Filter Effects

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