Create Stunning Age Verification Pop-up using Age Gate Elementor Widget

Would you like a widget that allows your website’s visitors to be filtered according to legal requirements? If yes, then Age Checker is the widget for you.
Age checker widget

Age Checker Widget: What Makes It Remarkable?

Verifying an individual’s age on a website is extremely important, especially for children. To make this process as smooth as a pancake, we have developed a free age gate tool. Check out the features below!

Multiple Age Verification Methods

Using the confirm age checkbox / entering a custom birth date / selecting yes or no, you can retrieve user’s information easily.

Infinite Styling Options

Get the look as you want with infinite advanced styling options like background type, display position, typography, color, adjustable padding and much more!

Full Control Over Content Display

The widget allows you to control the visibility of content on your website, including the display of logos, titles, and descriptions.

Zero Coding Skills Required

No programming is required. No complicated setup. Just drag the widget into your post or page and you're ready to roll.

Load Popup in Editor

Enable/Disable the Load Popup in Editor to see how the widget is going to look before you finally decide to show it on your website.

Manage Cookies

You can now set the number of days cookies to be saved. Make a sound decision about when to re-confirm their maturity.

Age checker widget

Birthdate Based

Age checker widget

Age Restriction

Age checker widget

Smoking Age

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Create and Customize Beautiful Age Gate using Age Checker Elementor Widget

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