How to create Section Slider in Mighty Addons

Showcasing your content in slides or carousel with smooth transition effects is what can now be achieved in Mighty Addons without having to install a separate plugin for it or writing any code. In this you can add any type of content in the slides form images, videos, text or any other widget very easily.

This article will further explain you how you can create a section slider in just a few steps.

#1. Add a Section

Add Section

#2. Add an Inner Section widget

Add Inner Section

#3. Create your content in that inner section

Add Inner Section content

#4. Repeat steps #2 & #3 to create more content within the main section

Adding more inner sections

#5. Once you have your required set of inner sections, go to the edit settings of the main section

Edit the Main Section

#6. Go to Edit Section > MA Extensions tab > MA Section Slider

MA Section Slider option

#7. Enable the Section Slider and you will have all the editing options required under Content and Style tabs.

Edit section slider option

#8. Now finally go ahead and try one for yourself.

This way you will get your section slider using which you can create some wonderful website layouts easily.

NOTE:- To add a new section slide in the slider you will have to disable MA Section Slider each time.