How to display conditions on different OS, Devices and more

With the help of MA Display Conditions options you can set a lot of other stuff too like limited browser access, OS access and even for devices. With it’s help you can choose where to show your content that means its only viewable on selected browsers and operating systems when viewed on a specific device. You can configure it under MA Display Conditions options Miscellaneous category.

Miscellaneous category conditions

The conditions of this category mean the following:-

OPERATING SYSTEM:- Choose on which OS you want to show your content.

BROWSER:- Select the browser on which you would like to view the content.

DEVICES:- Select the devices on which you would like to show the content.

Set these conditions by including (Is) or excluding (Is Not) them after choosing when to display after all the conditions have met or any of the conditions meet.

Device Display Conditions