How to add display conditions for a specific Day, Date & Time?

Wanting to show your content for a limited time on a specific day and date, in that case we use the MA Display Conditions options. With these conditions you can set when you would like to show the content, this is helpful if you are running some sale or offer on your website. You can set these conditions under the Day, Date and Time category of display conditions.

Day, Date & Time category conditions

Each condition of this category means:-

DAY:- Select the day on which you would like to show the content from the 7 days of the week.

DATE:- Set the date for a limited time period.

TIME:- Set the time of the day for limited time interval.

Now you can set your conditions accordingly with the help of Is and Is Not options and choose to meet all the conditions or not. Make sure to set valid conditions. This works best for specific sections or widgets that you would like to show for a limited time.

Day, Date & Time Display Conditions