How to add display conditions for a Single Post

Adding restrictions on who can see the content, especially when customizing the header and footer of your theme, can be done using MA Display Conditions option. This option is there under the MA Extensions tab > Display Conditions and choose your condition under the Singular category.

Singular category conditions

The meaning of each condition under this category is as follows:-

PAGE:- Select the page from the list for which you want to show their content.

POST:- Select the post from the list for which you want to show the content.

PAGES(Homepage, 404, Blog Page, Frontpage):- If you have created these pages in your theme, then choose on which page you would like to show the content

POST TYPE:- Add the condition on selected post types be it a media post, or a post from my templates or another from the choices given.

You can set these conditions either by including them or excluding using Is or Is not options. And just like any other condition choose if you want to meet all the conditions or not.

Singular Display Conditions