How set up the Info Window popup?

With Open Street map you can show information related to the locations you add on the map. This information is then visible in a popup called the Info Window popup.

To display the Info Window popup go to any Location > Choose the action to Display the Info Window on Hover or Mouse click.

Display Info Window action

After selecting the action, you can now add the Title & Description in the space provided.

Info Window content

Follow similar steps to add the Info Window on other locations. To style the Info Window and its content go to the main Style tab.

Info Window Style options

For styling just the popup, go to Style tab > Info Window, where you can set the background color, width of the popup and others.

Info Window popup styling

For styling the Title & Description each, go to Style tab > Address Title/ Address Description where you can add the text color and change it typography settings.

Address Title
Address Description