WordPress just got updated to v5.5


WordPress just release v5.5 with new features and updates giving you increased speed and security and improved search.

Lazy Loading 🔃

WordPress just got inbuilt lazy loading helping your pages load faster than before. Lazy loading waits until the user scroll to the specific image before loading it, thus making your site faster by not loading unused images.

This is an advantage for both the site owners and users, giving the site owners the speed for SEO purposes and helps the users saving time and internet data.

Sitemap 🗺

WordPress just got inbuilt sitemap. A sitemap is a list of pages exist on your website which helps the search engine discover the content on your websites faster. By integrating the sitemap on your website, whenever a new post or page go live, it’s instantly available on search engines for other users to find.

Auto Update 📥

Enable Plugin Auto Updates

It’s a new feature for website owners where they can set the plugins on auto-update so, their plugins are always updated without much of their involvement increasing your website security.

Also, one more long-awaited feature came out, where you can update the plugin by uploading a Zip file. This update is mostly beneficial for the developers who are always testing and releasing new updates in a jiffy.

These updates have improved WordPress a lot for both the site owners and users. There are so many more minor updates that I haven’t mentioned which are released. You can check the whole guide here.

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