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We just released a new update with v1.2.4 which contains following updates:

  • Added: Icons size control
  • Added: Verdict Text Controls
  • Fixed: Uneditable Pros & Cons
  • Fixed: Aligned Tick and Times Icons with Text
  • Fixed: Underlined button text

This update will break the block once but after recovery, it’ll keep working as good as gold with new features.

Steps to Recover Block 📦

Steps to Recover Block

Just follow these steps:

1. Go to Edit Post
2. There you’ll find the message The block contains unexpected or invalid content.
3. On that block, click the Three dots
4. Then click Attempt Block Recovery and Update
5. All done 👍

If you’re still facing issues or it seems confusing, do let us know at [email protected] or use our support forum to get in touch. Our team will surely help you in getting all these things done.

Why is this happening? 😕

Whenever there’s a new update in the block, Gutenberg Editor does not update the block with new code instead it shows a warning “The block contains unexpected or invalid content”. It is a Gutenberg’s way to protect your existing layouts from changing without your permission.

I know, we too are agitated from this. You can simply ignore the warning as it does not interfere with your front-end layouts.

An Example

We just released an Icon Size Control which changes the layout of your icons, so the Gutenberg will show the invalid content warning but doesn’t affect your front-end layout.

So, do I have to do the above steps for every block? 😱

I totally understand how hectic it sounds.

You don’t have to do the recovery steps for all blocks unless you want to update something in a particular block. If you want to show the verdict text on a block you can follow the recovery steps and make changes as you like.

References 🧠:

Make “Attempt Block Recovery” the automatic/default option.

What is the proposed way to update blocks?

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