Add Super Cool Animated Scrolling Effects with Text Marquee Widget

Take advantage of the Text Marquee Elementor widget and create custom auto-scrolling text anywhere in your website.

Simple and Effective

Create the awesome horizontal auto-scrolling text using the MA Text Marquee widget. All you need to do is to provide the text content and modify it as per your requirement.

Display unlimited text marquee

Don’t worry about the number. Using the text marquee widget, you can display scrolling texts as much as you want.

Comes with Advanced Styling

The widget comes with advanced styling options such as text typography, a wide range of colors, stroking effect, motion effects and many more and lets you design beautiful animated custom texts that perfectly goes with your theme.
Text Marquee

Fully Flexible

The MA widget is highly responsive and fully flexible which allows you to easily customize the text anytime you want.
Isn't it time to get started?

Display customizable auto-scroll text on your website and captivate visitors with Text Marquee Widget

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