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Create a Reading Progress Bar & Back to Top Button That Encourages Scrolling

The Reading Progress Bar is a proven way to increase time spent on your site and encourage readers to finish reading the page. The research shows that, even with great content, many people give up before getting through the whole page.

The Reading Progress Bar solves that problem by giving busy site visitors a visual cue to tell them how much of the page they have read – just like the progress bar on their favorite e-reader!

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Control the Appearance of the Progress Bar

You can control the overall appearance of the reading progress bar. You can customize its color, background color, height and everything that affects its look and feel to match it with your website theme.

Display Globally on all the Pages or Posts or on a Specific Page

Sometimes you just want to display the progress bar just on the pages or on the posts only globally. You can do it with just one click.

It doesn’t matter if the page or post is created with Elementor or WordPress editor, if you have selected to display globally, it will work throughout the website.

Two Different View for Progress Bar

Mighty Addons gives you two different views for reading progress bars. You can choose any of them and use it on your website.

View 1: It gives you the simple reading progress bar which can be positioned on either on the top of the page or on the bottom of the page.

View 2: It is a unique view that comes with a back to top button. It is a floating bubble that acts as a reading progress bar as well as a back to top button.


Control the Visibility on a Particular Device

Sometimes to give a distraction free experience, you may want to hide the reading progress bar from a specific device.

This can be done easily with just enabling and disabling the radio button.You can keep displaying the reading progress bar on desktop devices and hide them on the mobile or tablet devices.

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