Create Customized and Visually Appealing Charts with Pie and Donut Chart Widget

Display comprehensive charts using a simple custom element, the Pie and Donut chart widget, and customize it accordingly.
Donut & Pie chart

Source 2021

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Fully Flexible Pie and Donut Charts

A widget like this allows you to create charts that are completely flexible and adaptable.

Stylize each item separately

Style each item separately including background image, hover color, labelling and much more.

Enable Chart Legends

Chart legends allow you to choose where they will be positioned. Customize typography and text colors & margins and adjust the chart width easily. Select how you wish to style the borders.

Pick your Style

With infinite advanced styles such as bg color, display position, typography, color, chart aspect ratio, hover color, and much more, you can make your charts look exactly the way you want them to!

Zero Coding Skills Required

No programming is required. No complicated setup. Just drag the widget into your post or page and you're ready to roll.

Create eye-catching pie and donut charts by mixing & matching different options and styles using Pie and Donut Chart Widget.

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