Introducing Mighty Addons Library – Collection of Elementor Templates & Blocks

Elementor Page builder makes it easy to create a highly responsive and functional WordPress website. If you don’t know about coding, you still will be able to create a website. Thanks to its easy to use layout builder and ready to use sections and blocks. With the help of these pre-designed blocks and page designs, you can create a website in minutes. You need to import the template and replace dummy content with your real content, and you are done. So to make it easier and to give you more options for ready to use templates and blocks, I am happy to introduce the Mighty Addons Library. This will give you access to 30+ ready to use pages, 100+ blocks with its first release. We will keep adding more to make this a vast library.

Table of Contents

What is inside the Mighty Addons Library

  • Template Kits
  • Blocks

Templates Kits

Elementor Template Library

The template kit is a group of multiple pages designed for a specific theme. Like if you are looking for a business elementor theme, you can choose a business template kit and import pages from the kit one by one.

You will get all the required pages such as Home, About, Services, Services Detail, FAQ, Contact, etc. for your business website. You need to import them and replace the dummy content with your real content.


Elementor Block Library

Block is ready to use a section that can be inserted on any Elementor page. In Mighty Addons Library, you have different blocks in different categories. Like if you are looking for a Hero section, you can have multiple designs for the Hero section and the same for the other sections as well.

Most importantly, you can have these block designs in both dark and light shades. You need to access the library and insert the required block, and you are done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use Elementor Pro to access Mighty Addons Library?

No, you don’t need Elementor Pro to access Mighty Addons Library. You can use these Elementor templates or blocks with free Elementor plugin.

Do I need to purchase Mighty Addons Pro to use Elementor Template or Blocks?

No, Mighty Addons Pro is not required to use the templates. But in the free version of Mighty Addons, you will have limited templates and blocks. But in the pro version, you will have many more options than the free version.

Will these templates work with all the WordPress Themes?

Mighty Addons is an Elementor Widget plugin and works with all the elementor compatible themes. So the Elementor Template kits and block will work with all the Elementor compatible WordPress themes.

Will you keep updating Free Elementor Templates?

Yes, we will keep adding free Elementor templates regularly, along with pro templates.

Pixabay Integration With Elementor

pixabay Integration with Media Manager

As in my previous release post, I have announced that in the next release you will have access to over 1 million+ images from your media manager. So, let’s welcome the Pixabay Integration feature within Mighty Addons. Now, you can search for the images you need for your web page and use them without leaving the Elementor. We have integrated Pixabay with Mighty Addons and this feature is available for free.

Get Started with Mighty Addons Now

Mighty Addons is a free Elementor Widget Plugin which offers you additional fully functional Elementor Widgets and Template & Sections library. 

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