How to setup a custom Timeline

This widget helps you display a roadmap or the timeline history of events that have occurred or are about to happen. You can display various types of content within this like texts, images, videos, and others and even customize specific occurrences in it.

One of the content sources of this widget is a Custom timeline. To setup a custom timeline follow these steps.

Go to Content > Basic > Select source as Custom.

Custom Timeline

Go to Content > Content Items and start adding the content here for each slot. You can add as many items in the list as you can.

Custom Timeline items

Each item has 2 different tabs Content tab & Custom Styling tab. Under Content tab you need to add the Date, Title, Description and a Link, while under Custom Styling you can override the global styling options of the widget only for that item.

Content Options
Custom Styling Options

After adding the content all you now need to do is style the widget which can be done under Style tab from adjusting layout position to spacing to adding colors and everything else.

Styling Options

To know more about the styling options read the article: How to style the custom Timeline widget.