How to create Price List items and Categories?

Price List is another powerful widget in Mighty Addons using which you can create a list that displays your services and its prices, images and different categories/filters. You can create menu, service list, price charts and so much more with this widget.

Price List Options

Let’s begin with first adding it on your page, then go to Content > Content. If you want to add category filters enable it and enter the title & choose the icon corresponding to it.

Category Filter Options

Next tab within Content is Price List Items, where you need to add all the items. Each time has the same options item name, description, price link and others.

Price List Item Options

After adding the content go to the main Style tab for styling options. For Content styling options read the following article: How to style the Content & Image?

Under Filter, you have the options of the filter styling options that are briefly described in this article: How to style category filters?