How to add locations in Google Map

Google map was started as a free map, but as time changed the number of free requests were reduced. Google Maps are not raw maps any change made by any user will come under the name of Google only. It is altogether different from an open street map in many ways.

Configuring the google maps using Might Addons is easy if you have the map’s API key. How would you get that, read this article: How generate Google Map API key?

After you have added the key, add the widget on your page and go to Content > Google maps. There you will have the repeatable location fields. You can add the location here either by searching it within the search bar or adding the locations coordinates.

Location added via Search
Location added via Coordinates

After adding the location you can choose to add an info window about the location, or not.

You can even set a custom marker icon to the location.

Marker options