How to add display conditions for an Archive

Archive means a listing for all your posts, so here if you want to hide your content from any particular category or authors or depending upon the date its was created, can be done using the MA Display Conditions. The option is there under the MA Extensions tab > Display Conditions and where you can choose your condition under the Archive category.

Archive category conditions

The options under this category mean the following:

TAXONOMY:- Choose if you would like to apply conditions on categories or tags.

POST TYPE:- Choose the type of posts the archive shows be it pages, posts, media type or any other.

DATE ARCHIVE:- Set the conditions based on date archive like show content only for posts from this month, or this year or today.

AUTHOR ARCHIVE:- Set the conditions based on selected author posts.

SEARCH ARCHIVE:- Enter keyword such that only when the user searches it the content is shown.

Archive Display Conditions

You can now set these conditions accordingly using either by including(Is) or excluding(Is Not) them after deciding whether to meet all the conditions or any of them.