5 Most Effective A/B Testing Plugins for WordPress


Let us start our discussion with a piece of information.

A study has found that about 8 out of every ten businesses perform split testing for site conversion optimization!

Yes, you have heard me correct!

So there is no way you can place A/B testing in your backburner! You must figure what your potential customers like about your website and what they don’t. This information would be crucial in ramping up your site conversion (and revenue as well)!

The importance of conversion optimization is as important to your WordPress website as any other. Since any optimization decision is based on A/B testing, we would be talking about some of the most effective A/B testing WordPress plugins in this discussion.

A/B Testing WordPress Plugins

OptinMonster – A/B Testing WordPress Plugin

As the name suggests, OptinMonster is a mammoth tool that lets you perform a wide and diverse range of tasks. Its unique selling proposition is conversion-focused hyper-optimization, and it offers A/B testing as part of the package. The fact that big-name brands like McAfee, Pinterest, and Capterra use it for site enhancement!

Installation guide


  • It comes with a boat-load of features all targeted towards conversion.
  • Even the basic plan comes with all the resources from OptinMonster university.
  • Very easy to integrate with MailChimp for your email marketing.
  • Their customer range is massive and diverse. Thus they are better positioned to offer you industry-specific educated suggestions on split testing your site components.
  • Decent customer support.
  • It doesn’t slow down your site.


  • It would charge you at the beginning of the year.
  • Your website backend has to be JavaScript compatible for it to work.
  • OptinMonster plugin needs API from your OptnMonster account to work.


It provides four plans to its customers.

The plans are:

Basic plan

  • $19/month (billed annually)


  • $19/month (billed annually)


  • $29/month (billed annually)


  • $49/month (billed annually)



Hotjar WP A/B Testing Plugin

When A/B testing your WP site components, you may find it inconvenient to use multiple tools for different sorts of tests. Hotjar has been designed keeping those like you in mind.

If you want a parallel, well then Hotjar is a lot like the WeChat app. In China, people have access to all sorts of services like maps, ride-sharing, chatting. Similarly, Hotjar provides services like heatmaps, user session recording all centered around A/B testing.

Installation guide


  • You can try it for free without using any credit card.
  • Provides several types of heatmaps to take optimization of your site a notch higher.
  • Easily integrates with all major eCommerce CMS.
  • Since the feedback it provides is based on several different tests, it is most likely to be highly effective.
  • Since it is used by big-name brands like Adobe, Air Canada, and Shopify, you would not have to be worried about inefficient service.
  • Boasts a 15 days trial period.


  • Even though to a very small scale but it does slow down your site.
  • Customer support may take longer to respond.
  • Requires you to put some code snippets in it during installation.


Pricing of Hotjar is based on the number of page views you want to collect data from per day.

The A/B testing service is integrated within each plan.

The plans are:

  • 20K page views/day—-$89/month
  • 50K page views/day—-$189/month
  • 120K page views/day—-$289/month
  • 400K page views/day—-$589/month



Nelio WordPress A/B Testing Plugin

Nelo WordPress A/B Testing Plugin

If you are looking for a plugin that you can use from within your WP backend, then Nelio can be a very competent yet easy-to-use solution.

It allows you to test a total of 8 different elements (landing pages, posts, custom posts, and others) of your site along with WooCommerce product pages. Overall, it is a highly effective choice for split testing purposes.

Installation Guide


  • Unlimited experiments can be conducted here.
  • It comes with 14 days trial period.
  • Nelio performs the split tests on its cloud. Thus using it wouldn’t slow down your website.
  • It comes with a built-in heatmap tool for mouse trail tracking purposes.


  • Poor customer service.
  • Have fewer features compared to many 3rd party plugins at the same price?


Nelio offers three pricing plans. Those are:


  • $29/month or $299 annually.
  • Has a limit of 5,000 tested page views.
  • Ideal for Bloggers, personal site owners, and small stores.


  • $89/month or $899 annually.
  • Includes all offers in the “basic” plan and has a limit of 35,000 tested page views.
  • Ideal for SME businesses.


  • $259/month or 2,599 annually.
  • Includes everything in the “professional” plan and has a limit of 200K tested page views.
  • Ideal for large businesses or teams with plans to run massive tests for hyper-optimization.



Instapage A/B Testing Plugin

Even though Instapage is a landing page builder, the people behind it know that optimizing landing pages is a continuous process that can only be performed through A/B testing. Thus they provide split testing functionality as part of their service package.

Installation guide

  • Step-by-step guide
  • The video guide (Please watch from 1:20)


  • You can choose to be billed monthly instead of annually if you prefer.
  • It is GDPR compliant.
  • Integrates with a wide and diverse range of services.
  • Is compatible with all WP versions above 3.4.


  • Customer support can be unresponsive sometimes.
  • May give you trouble regarding PHP5 compatibility.
  • Though very few people have faced this issue, Instapage may have trouble connecting to the host server. In that case, you would need to contact your hosting provider for an extension on the outgoing connection limit.


Instapage offers two pricing plans. Those are Business and Enterprise.

Business plan

  • $149 if billed annually
  • $199 annually if you choose to pay monthly


Under this plan, you would have the freedom to contact their sales team and negotiate your price.



Simple Page Tester

When it comes to living up to its persona as conveyed by its name, Simple Page Tester does it genuinely. From installation to creating your A/B testing versions, it is super-easy all the way!

Apart from making it ultra-simple for WP site owners or managers to run split tests, SPT also boasts cache plugin compatibility. How does it benefit you? Well, in case you have a caching plugin running on your site, it would not hamper your testing process in any way.

Besides testing, you would also have access to analytics to make educated decisions. Thus it manages to deliver simplicity and competence effectively to its customers.


  • Requires no code snippet posting during installation.
  • Does not affect your site ranking.
  • Can be downloaded for free.
  • It is fully compatible with Google Analytics.
  • Updates automatically via WP dashboard.


  • Very little conversion tracking offered in the free version.
  • It slows down sites it is used on.

Its premium version comes with two pricing plans.

Those are:

Standard License

You would choose this plan if you want to use this tool on one website.

  • $199 (one-time fee)

Agency License

If you want to use it for multiple websites, then this is the plan you should choose.

  • $399 (one-time fee)

Wrapping up

Whether you use WordPress or any other website builder, making a site optimization decision on whims and personal choices would lead to devastating results as experienced by thousands of site owners.

But if you smarten up and use a competent tool, you would have real data extracted from your site visitor behavior. That would make taking steps towards an optimized site not just educated but farm-footed. Which site owner would NOT desire that?

This is a guest post written by Ryan Aslatt. Ryan Aslatt is a web strategist, freelance writer, and independent blogger. He currently works at WebAlive a WordPress Developer Agency in Melbourne. He is used to writing well-researched articles that readers will find insightful, engaging, and highly informative.

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