5 Great Ways to Use Video Content on Your Website


According to OptinMonster, 84% of consumers say that watching a brand’s video content has convinced them to buy the company’s product or service. This means that video content is becoming very popular and you’ll want to start taking advantage of it if you haven’t been doing so. 

Video content has so many benefits — it can make your website more engaging, increase visitors’ dwell time, and improve your conversion rate. So, in today’s article, we’re going to look at five different ways you can use videos on your website. 

Earn your customers’ trust with video testimonials 

One way you can improve the conversion rate of your website is by focusing on earning your customers’ trust. Video testimonials allow you to do this, as they’re great for showing what your past customers think of your business and will also help you to connect with prospective customers on a personal level

They’re also particularly effective because they will make your reviews feel more legitimate and your prospective customers will appreciate being able to put a face to your testimonials. In order to create great video testimonials, you should be ready to invest in quality equipment like a camera and a video editing tool so you can make them look as professional as possible. You don’t have to break the bank, but it’s worth taking the time to get quality tools, rather than just recording the testimonials on a shaky iPhone. 

It’s also a good idea to work with past customers to create an outline of what they’re going to talk about. While you won’t need to create a rigid script, it would help make sure your customers include the relevant details about their initial pain points, your proffered solutions, and the results that were achieved. Some of the best places to post video testimonials are on your homepage and product or service pages. Or, you could even dedicate a full page to your video testimonials. 

Now, for inspiration, let’s take a look at some businesses that use this tactic to earn the trust of their customers.

Video content

Florin Roebig is a law firm that specializes in practice areas like medical malpractice, personal injury, and labor law. As you scroll down their homepage, you’ll see that they’ve provided 4 video testimonials from past customers who have enlisted the help of the company.

If you watch the videos, you’ll see that all of their past clients say that Florin Roebig is a very professional firm that still manages to make clients feel like family. You’ll also hear about how their past clients are more than willing to recommend the company to friends and family, and how some have even already done so. 

All of this can be really helpful in helping them win the trust of future clients who might watch these videos and be motivated to use the company’s services. You can also do the same for your website by reaching out to past customers for video testimonials that highlight their experience with your brand and then showcasing the videos on your website.

Video content

Now, let’s take inspiration from Four 19 Properties, a home buying service that helps people to sell their houses quickly and easily. To build trust with potential clients, they’ve included video testimonials from clients whose houses have been successfully sold. 

All of the clients in the video testimonials have given the company five stars and, as they recount their experiences, it’s easy to see why they’ve done so. They talk about how fast the process was and how they didn’t expect it to be finished so soon. This is a very important detail that could interest future clients and possibly increase their confidence in the company’s services. When you’re also creating video testimonials for your past customers, make sure that you encourage them to mention the one thing that stood out to them while using your services.

Video content

Finally, at Loganix, we offer marketing services like SEO copywriting, link building, and other specialisms relating to search engine optimization. On our SEO copywriting service page, we have a video testimonial from one of our clients that shows how we helped them to increase their monthly organic traffic and get better search engine rankings.

If you watch the video, you’ll hear how Steven Orechow, the digital strategist at Spiritleaf, highlights what he enjoyed most about our services. He specifically mentions the attention to detail, our step-by-step approach, and how we delivered a very cohesive marketing strategy that delivered results for their company. 

Creating video testimonials like this one has helped us to attract and convince prospects who are more inclined to trust our business after watching a past client praise our services. So, on your website, make sure you try to include at least one video testimonial from a past client who will pinpoint specific aspects of your services that they found most useful, as this can help provide context for potential customers. 

Use video to get people excited about your products 

If prospective customers can see your array of products in action, it’s likely they’ll get excited and be more motivated to make a purchase there and then. And, one way to stir up this excitement is by creating videos that show the range of products or services you offer. 

For instance, you could create a product launch video where you can show off your new collection of products and their features. Or you could have a quick tutorial video to show your audience how to use your range of products. It’s always better to use high-quality equipment if you want to get professional and clean-looking videos. And, if you’d rather not handle the task yourself, you can always outsource it to professionals who specialize in making quality videos that can get people excited about your business. 

Let’s take a look at how a particular company is already using this tactic to improve its website’s conversion rate.

Video content

The Lip Bar is a cosmetic brand that sells a variety of vegan beauty products. On the web page where they display their easy beauty bundle collection, you’ll see that they have a tutorial video that not only shows off their range of products but also helps visitors to see the products in action. 

Take, for example, these videos where they highlight make-up products like their tinted skin conditioner, brow pencil, concealer, and face palette. In the video, they explain all these products and how they can be used.

This is a very effective tactic that could get potential customers excited about the company’s products because the videos help people imagine how the products will look on their own skin. Regardless of whether you have a product-based or service-based business, video tutorials are something that could work well in helping you show off the range of products or services you offer so your audience can get excited about them.

Add videos to your written content to make it more engaging

Different people prefer to consume information and advice in different ways so, instead of choosing between video and written content, one thing you could do is to present your information in both forms. And, if you already have written content, you can always create videos to add something new or introduce an engaging element to it. 

For instance, you could summarize the main points of a blog post and then make a short video that uses animated text to highlight these points. Or you can even take these points and record a video where you talk about them and give relevant examples that can help your audience. 

To give you an idea of how this might work, let’s study an example of a company that already uses this technique.

Video content

Venngage is a design tool that helps people create visual content like infographics, templates, reports, or presentations. On their blog, they have a post that teaches people how to make an infographic in 5 steps. It’s a very in-depth guide that dives deep into all of the information someone would need to create an infographic. 

And, to make this guide even more helpful — especially for people who do not really like to read a lot of content — they’ve also created a video that summarizes the 5 steps that have been outlined in the article. In the video, they make use of several engaging elements and they also narrate the complete process for creating an infographic in a way that makes it easy to understand. 

The video isn’t too long, but it packs a lot of useful information and adds so much value to their already written content. You should consider doing this for existing blog posts that you’ve published on your site as it could really help add more value to your content and attract new visitors to your website.

Create videos that help people imagine themselves using your products or services 

If your prospective customers can imagine themselves using your products or services, they’ll be more encouraged to buy them. One particular video type that can help with this is aspirational videos.

These are videos that you can create to show that your current customers are having a blast with your products or services. For instance, you can make videos to show how students are having a great time at your university, or one that highlights how customers are enjoying the products they’ve bought from you. You could also create videos that show prospective clients how relieved they’ll be when they use your services so it will motivate them to take action. 

When creating these types of videos, you need to place emphasis on making sure that the customers or models you use actually look like they are having a great time with your products or services so that enthusiasm can rub off on potential customers. It can also help to create the videos in a setting where people would naturally use your products. So, for instance, if you sell figure skates, it only makes sense to make a video that shows people at an ice skating rink who are having fun while using your product. 

To give you some inspiration, let’s take a look at a company that uses this tactic effectively.

Video content

Top Metal Roofs is a company that provides metal roofing services to several areas in Ontario. When you get to their homepage, you’ll see that they’ve included a short animated video that outlines why customers should use their services as well as the benefits that come with it, such as liability insurance and an ISO 9002 quality certificate.

They use animated characters in the video that represent people in their target audience who are looking for roofing solutions. This makes it easier for people to imagine themselves in the scenario and it could get them excited about the possibility of getting quality metal roofing, just like the characters in the video did. As you optimize your site, you can also try to see if creating an animated video will help highlight the benefits of your offerings and allow people to imagine themselves benefitting from your products or services. 

And, if you are already using Mighty Themes but aren’t sure how to add videos or other interactive elements to your site, check out these Mighty Addons video tutorials to learn how to do so. 

Introduce your team through video to make a connection

If you humanize your business, more people will feel connected to it and they’ll be more likely to buy from your business. For instance, you can use video to introduce your employees and help prospects put a face to the people behind your business. 

As you create this type of video, make sure that your team appears friendly and helpful, as this will make it easier for people to connect with your brand. Now, this doesn’t mean they should force a laugh or be insincere, but just try to ensure they look relaxed and comfortable while you’re creating the video. And, when you’re done making the video, you can place it in a section of your homepage or at the top of your “about us” page to introduce people to your brand. 

Let’s take a look at how some companies have created and used these videos on their sites so you can get some inspiration.

Video content

Take a look at this example from San Antonio Injury Lawyers, The Law Offices of George Salinas. They specialize in practice areas like personal injury, work accidents, and car accidents. And, on their website, they have a section where they’ve included short videos from their lead attorney who speaks about the company’s objectives and how passionate they are about helping people obtain justice. 

This is a great way to introduce a key member of the firm to potential clients who might have been wondering about the faces behind their law firm. Also, note how friendly and supportive the lead attorney appears to be in the video. This is something that could help prospects connect with the firm and it also plays a part in increasing the chances of someone reaching out to use the company’s services. If you don’t already have an “about us” video for your team, it’s something you should get to right away as it can help potential customers connect with your business.

Video content

Also, one of the many courses at Southern Cross University is the SCU Master of Educational Leadership Online. And, if you visit this program’s web page, you’ll find that they’ve added a video where prospective students can meet the course coordinator. 

In the video, you’ll see the coordinator shedding more light on the program, the staff involved in the writing and teaching of each course, and the types of opportunities that are available for career progression after graduation. This is a good way to introduce future students to the person that will be in charge of the course, as well as other lecturers they will interact with. 

You’ll also find that it’s a great tactic that could influence people’s decisions as, if they feel a connection to the faces they’re seeing, they’ll have no problem taking the steps required to enroll in the program. To implement a similar tactic for your website, you can try creating videos that introduce the managers of different departments in your organization like the head of HR or marketing, as this can help prospective customers connect with the people behind your brand.


In this article, we’ve looked at some of the most effective ways you can use video content on your website. All you need to do now is begin implementing the tactics we’ve outlined. Whether you create video testimonials, aspirational videos, or videos that introduce your team, they’re all very effective for improving your website and helping you increase your conversion rate, so get started now!
If you also want to keep learning about how to improve other aspects of your website and business, you can follow the Mighty Themes blog for more information.

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